KISS OF THE WHIP is a dark electronic project formed in 2017 by Montreal-born artist and producer Tristan Victor, and located in Baltimore, Maryland (United States). His first two albums, "Like Love Only Real" (self-released, 2018) and "New Lows" (Diffuse Reality Records, 2018) were rooted in darkwave, post-punk, and dark electro. The project quickly gained an underground following in Europe and the United States, and following a 2020 signing to German Cold Transmission Music, Victor is bringing his darkly uplifting sounds to an increasing variety of audiences

Pushing forward the range of musical and emotional intensity that listeners have learned to expect from KISS OF THE WHIP, Victor’s new full-length album – titled 'We’re Not Here' – showcases his most emotional vocal performances, melodic instrumentation, dramatic song structures, and groove-laden beats yet. With a wide range of styles and tempos, the musician and producer presents brand new songs that promise to delve deeper than ever into the depths of his brand of 1980s-flavored dark electronic music. Released on October 24, 2020 via Cold Transmission Music, the darkwave/post-punk project's third album shares poignant, personal themes of loving adoration, crushing abandonment, and unity within the natural world, with deep feeling and uniquely dark honesty. In each of the album’s self-produced tracks, Victor lures listeners into a moving story that draws them ever closer to his personal experience through well-crafted, deliberate, and intensely felt emotional expression.

The tragic and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic allowed KISS OF THE WHIP to showcase the outstanding quality and energy of his live performances to a worldwide audience, through several noteworthy livestream events and festivals. These included Virtual Strict Tempo, Soleil Noir, Luna Negra Strange Days, 2 DARK New Years Evil, and Dark Spring Boston -- they saw Victor sharing the virtual stage with many stalwarts of the dark music scene, including Empathy Test, Rue Oberkampf, Twin Tribes, Warsaw Pact, and Xentrifuge.