Silent Runners – from Amsterdam, The Netherlands – caught the underground scene by surprise in 2015. The five-piece band brings you an energetic mix of dark synth and post-punk sounds. On stage, Silent Runners aims to blow its audience away with a show that is both compelling and strangely hypnotizing. Minimalist guitars, deep post punk bass riffs and compelling drum beats, going from an almost krautrock-like drive to all-out bombastic. All topped with classic synths and a powerful voice, soaked in reverb.

In the first years of its existence, the group of five has already left quite an impression. The band started its career with a steady rise, playing both Paradiso and Melkweg Amsterdam. A show at the Portuguese Entremuralhas Festival 2016 was praised as one of the best openers of the festival ever, and confirmed the band’s international potential. Silent Runners is also booked for the biggest wave festival of the world in 2018: Wave Gotik Treffen.

Following their self-titled 6-track EP in 2015, Silent Runners released their debut album The Directory in early December 2017. The 11-track album features lengthy brooding tracks with enthralling beats and a heavier emphasis on synth-driven compositions. As Threshold Magazine (Portugal) describes it: “Silent Runners prove that the 80's most obscure sounds are being brought back by the youngest bands, who mold it in a more synthesized and minimalist perspective. That way, they make it sound as fresh and modern as if we were living the 80's all over again.”

The album was written and produced in the band’s own studio. Mastering was done at Metropolis Mastering (UK) by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin, who also worked with acts such as Interpol, The Who, Blur, Killing Joke and Arcade Fire.

Line-Up: Dolf Smolenaers – Vocals, Jan Meulendijks – Bass, Joep Gerrits – Synths, Stanley op ‘t Root –Guitars, Frank Smolenaers – Drums