ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary band from Brussels.

They formed in 2019, and launched their first track called Night Is Mine. Their debut EP is out now and contains four tracks including a remix by the Berlin DJ Sarin.

Sam's deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines. The couple is haunted by a Coldwave / EBM energy. Witnesses of their time, the band creates dancing, luminous and hypnotic hymns about gender equality, the normative aspect of society, street harassment and the fight against anxiety. ULTRA SUNN always ensures that their gigs are safe places for everyone, moments to be accepted and to think of nothing more than music.

For influences, the duo refers to Coldwave and EBM such as Schwefelgelb, DAF, Boy Harsher, Kontravoid, or Front 242.