Formed in 2014 by Björn Ullmann (vocals/Guitar) and Ric Freymann (Guitar), Monographic are a Post-Punk band from Hamburg, Germany. 

The sound of the band evolved with some elements from Neo-Psychedelic with an aggressive punk beat. The band kept playing through different scenes in Germany, leading to the release of their self titled album and followed by a tour through Europe in 2016; acquiring good reception among already fans of their live set. For their second album and after some lineup changes, the band borrowed some elements from Shoegaze and Synth-Pop, creating a more mature record which not only keeps the spirit of Post-Punk, but includes different musical elements making the sound one of their own, inviting to discover new details every listen. 

After releasing their second album «Structures» digitally in 2018, Cold Transmission Mission re-issued the longplayer in Spring 2019 as a limited CD edition.