Luna Blanc and Josh Clark have always had a passion for art/creating. Josh has an extensive background in electronic music and Audio Engineering, formerly known as DJ Impulse, he used to make music with Sinthetix/Corrupt Souls in the Drum N Bass genre. Luna has always experimented with keyboards from a young age, but pursued photography, writing and film in College. Once Luna and Josh met it became obvious after just a few months that they would be making music together.

To keep it interesting, they're always taking turns on everything in their sound: vocals, arps, riffs, bass, drums, pads, the production/engineering of the different aspects of their sound. There is nothing in the process of making music that one does more than the other. Every single aspect from their work, from making sound from scratch to EQ’ing and engineering the sound is made by either Luna or Josh equally. 

In case you were wondering why the name S Y Z Y G Y X: Syzygy is a space term for the alignment of celestial objects, to Luna and Josh that means their music coming together, the X is the unknown.

Their first release on Cold Transmission Music was the EP «Encounters», which was followed in May 2019 by the very special compilation album «The Graveyard Compilation». In October 2019 they release their latest longplayer entitled «Fading Bodies». S Y Z Y G Y X are currently working on an new album to be released in 2021/2022.