Promotion by Cold Transmission

Visit us on our various channels to find out more about our promotional activities! Next to our label work with our CT Family we see ourselves also as a platform supporting many artists from the contemporary Post-Punk, Dark Wave & Electronic scene with our various projects.


Visit us on Mixcloud!

On our Mixcloud channel we release regular DJ mixes including the latest music form the scene. We also do cooperation mixes with various bands and platforms. 

If you like your song to be played in one of our mixes just drop us a message here:  Contact


Visit us on Bandcamp!

Next to our band catalogue on our Bandcamp label account, we also release a digital compilation series named ZEITGEISTOur compilations are specifically designed to help dark underground music reach new and wider audiences. We have released 15 compilations since 2018 already.

If you are interested in being included in one of our next ZEITGEIST compilations just drop us a message here:  Contact

  • CT001 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_1_cold_transmission_album_cover
  • CT002 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_2_cold_transmission_album_cover
  • CT003 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_3_cold_transmission_album_cover
  • CT004 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_4_cold_transmission_album_cover
  • CT008 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_5_cold_transmission_album_cover
  • CT009 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_6_cold_transmission_album_cover
  • CT010 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_7_cold_transmission_album_cover
  • CT020 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_8_cold_transmission_album-Cover
  • CT021 zeitgeist_compilation_vol_9_cold_transmission_album-Cover
  • CT033 Various_Artists_Zeitgeist_10_compilation_cold_transmission
  • CT039 various_artists_zeitgeist_compilation_sampler_vol_11
  • CT040 zeitgeist_vol_12_compilation_sampler_cold_transmission
  • CT058 cold_transmission_zeitgeist_vol_13_compilation_artwork
  • CT079 Zeitgeist 14
  • CT080 Zeitgeist 15


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On our Twitch channel we do Live DJ sets and Radio sessions. We also participate in large DJ streaming festivals. 


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 On our Spotify channel you can find various playlists around our CT Family and beyond.


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In our Discogs shop you can find various releases from our CT Family and beyond.


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On our YouTube channel we present you the latest videos of our CT Family and more.


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On our Soundcloud profile you can also find some Mixcloud shows and some selected tracks from our CT Family.