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NO GIMMICKS NEEDED ... Vestron Vulture, the creator of Dethwave, a solo project straight from the streets of San Nicolas de los Garza, NLHC. It was formed back in 2010 by dethhimself after he left his last ever Thrash Metal band, with nearly to no gear at all he started his new journey.

His sound was mostly influenced by Ethan Kath and Giorgio Moroder, who praised Vestron Vulture’s rework on one of his tracks. «The Straight Edger» was also featured in the soundtrack of the heavily praised video game «Hotline Miami 2» and several indie movies, the most notorious and fully scored by him is «Streets Of Vengeance».

From Darkwave to Post-Punk and Witch House back to Synthpop, Vestron Vulture doesn’t know limits, with nearly 40 EP/LP releases he explored every sound he ever wanted. The Local Prince of Darkness now relies his sound on a White Thunderbird bass and a Red Telecaster, mixing sadness and sorrow with flesh and blood for his new and upcoming release with Cold Transmission Music.

This reign of destruction and despair doesn’t have an end, because Dethwave is forever.


vestron vulture Miseria Cantare Cold Transmission Edition album cover      
Album «Miseria Cantare - Cold Transmission Edition» (digital)
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