Cat. No.: CT067
Format: digital
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When you close your eyes, are you living in the same world as when your eyes were opened?
Doesn’t it happen that a scent has the power to recall a color or a sound?
Are our senses really as separate as we rationally think?
We do believe each sense is a sort of physical dimension that enriches the world we live in. We also believe we can somehow travel through
different worlds just by changing a note, a scent, a touch, a taste, a color, a feeling. This is Synesthesia: the never ending journey to
learn how to fully live these multiple dimensions.
Luce, on the other hand, is the hunt for an ephemeral concept that is commonly accepted as a given: light. Once a sense is taken from us (by chance or by choice), even the meaning of the simplest things might elude us, becoming less precise and way less than unquestionable.

released September 19, 2020

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