Cat. No.: CT064
«March To Autmn»
Format: CD/digital
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NIGHT NAIL began in 2019 writing the songs for "March To Autumn" before the chaos of the epidemic started and finished the mix of this new album during their lockdown in Berlin. With Pete Burns of Kill Shelter in Edinburgh, Scotland co-producing, mixing, and mastering, Night Nail wrote and recorded the album with themes of losing hope, giving into fear and paranoia, nostalgia, and against our natural instincts, we faced ourselves, the total unknown. Featuring additional instruments and voices by Valentina Veil, Ilja Gavrilenko, Manuel Wagner & Pete Burns.

Berlin’s darkwave band originally formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. After releasing their self-titled EP and extensive touring throughout the US, Night Nail moved to Berlin, Germany and recorded their first album. "LA Demons" was released on Cleopatra Records in April of 2018. Night Nail has recently completed their second full length album „March to Autumn“ for mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Pete Burns for release this year on Cold Transmission Music..

Night Nail is:
Brandon Robert - vocals, guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, midi, and drum programming
Justin Deaktiver - guitars, saxophone, keyboards, midi, and drum programming

Published by Obscurity Forever Music ASCSP 2020 & Justin Deactivere BMI 2020. Co-produced, mixed, & mastered by Pete Burns in Edinburgh, Scotland. Additional instrumentation by Valentina Veil, Pete Burns, Steven Fleet, Ilija Gavrilenko, and Manuel Wagner.

Compact Disc in 6-panel Digipack
Vinyl (black or white)

released: August October 15, 2020

1. FTL
3. Co-Morbid
4. Helen
5. 153
6. March to Autumn
7. Republican Marriage
8. Sacred Spaces

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