Upcoming Releases on Cold Transmission

Release-Preview Cold Transmission -
We’re looking forward to the following releases:

July 20 - Camlann - "The Forgotten Lost Fragments"

August 21 - Echoberyl - "Awakening Of A Mutant girl"

September 4 - Mary - "Die Before Death"

TBA - Cirque d'Ess - "Black, Synthetic And Dense"

TBA - Vestron Vulture - "Lionheart"

TBA - Carlo Onda - "New Album"

TBA - The Gathering - "Night Light"

TBA - Mark E Moon - "Old Blood"

TBA - The Secret French Postcards - "New Album"

TBA - Push Button Press - "New Album"

TBA - Kiss Of The Whip - "We're Not Here"

TBA - La Mécanique - "New Album"

TBA - Silent Runners - "New Album"

TBA - Hallow - "New Album"

TBA - Iamtheshadow - "Everything In This Nothingness: Retake"

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