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Hapax is a postpunk synth wave project from Naples, that combines 80s dark-wave sounds with modern experimental/industrial arrangements. The duo was formed in 2014 and consists of Michele Mozzillo (vocals, bass, synth, lyrics) and Diego Cardone (guitar, synth, programming, artwork). Their debut "Stream of Consciousness" (2015) got a very positive response from both the fans and Audioglobe’s customers!

Their second album "Cave" followed in 2016. It's an introspective work, in search of historical links to the subsurface, our trip through the underground cavities of our land (Naples, Campania), a route made of lava and bomb shelters, down to the gate of hell (the Cumaean Sibyl’s cave), made of connections with the ancient Greeks and Romans, with Virgil and Dante, seeking who we have been, who we are and who we still might be. The obscure and eternal bond to this land.

Second press including 2 bonus tracks of live in studio singles.
Limited Edition: CD in digipak. 1000 copies only!
released November 11, 2016
Label: Swiss Dark Nights

01. Traitors (The Words We Learned)
02. Survive The Night
03. Desert
04. Hands
05. Vitriol
06. Silent Sign Of Surrender
07. Cave
08. Litany For The Oceans
09. Shadow And Breath
10. Nobody's There
11. Survive The Night (Live In Studio)
12. Silend Sign Of Surrender (Live In Studio)

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