Long Night "Barren Land" - CD

Long Night - Barren Land
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After a long period of silence, two pioneer artists of the legendary Norwegian gothic metal scene team up and join forces with an impeccably credentialed guitarist to form a new group. With a common knack for creating new, refreshingly old – school, top-notch gothic rock music, the trio is about to make an indelible mark on the dusky realm of gothic rock. Bold and mesmerizing, their new EP, “Sorrow Returns”, is an excellent reminder of what this genre is about: imposing rhythm, haunting melodies and deep, thrilling vocals – with the occasional flair for spaghetti westerns.

"Barren Land" is a nine track collection of dark driven rock, presented in a cinematic soundscape that ranges from melancholy to full on thunder. Drawing on a wealth of musical experience spanning three decades and a broad palette of influences, Long Night have carved out a space of their own, lurking at the darkside of Rock'n'Roll.Droning Guitars, haunting Melodies and deep thrilling Vocals which soar into the ether have all become synonymous with the band from the Northern outpost.

Recorded at the band's very own Black Rider Recording Studios and has been mixed and mastered by German SoundWizard Eroc at Eroc's MasteringRanch.

released December 8, 2018
Label: Swiss Dark Nights

1. East Of The Sun West Of The Moon
2. The Night's Ablaze
3. Barren Land
4. On A Little Snowy Field
5. It's All Gone
6. Black River
7. Cold Light
8. The Rain Still Falls
9. Flickering Lights

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