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Miazma - Miazma
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Founded in 1997 by Kristian Olofsson and Tomas Tornevall, MIAZMA originally started as a techno duo. Since Tomas left the project to pursue a solo career, MIAZMA is now a one man band. Although the techno background can still be heard, MIAZMA has evolved towards a darker sound. This can be heard on his first output “Judgement Day”: a digital release in June 2001 presenting 7 electro-industrial tracks. More digital releases followed: “Dollar Rush” (2007), Dressed in Black (2011) and “Shattered” (2014), in which they refined their sound, wonderfully referencing THE SISTERS OF MERCY. Their first physical CD release “Miazma” was released by Gothic Music Records in a limited edition of 333 copies and sold out immediately. Dark Vinyl Records is now doing an re-release of this deleted album from 2014 in a 6-panel eco-digifile. „Miazma“ is a compilation CD containing 19 tracks from the digital albums „Shattered“, „Dollar Rush“ and „Dressed in Black“, and 4 tracks exclusively for this album. All 19 tracks have been remastered for this compilation release.

Label: Dark Vinyl

01. Lorelei
02. Soft Touch
03. Dancing On My Grave
04. I Want To Know
05. Sing
06. More
07. Walk Away
08. Dressed In Black
09. Mine
10. Black Rain
11. My Misery
12. Breathe
13. Penelope Crush
14. Mary Gone Bad
15. Endless Sleep
16. Will I
17. Is This The End
18. Lost
19. Rise

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