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"Low Light" is the second album of the post-punk band Icy Men, Kyiv.
This album is devoted to victims of the Medieval Inquisition. It's dedicated to all people who have suffered from conventional wisdom; to all those who were born at an unfortunate time and were disallowed by the society which couldn't understand them.

In their gloomy manner, Icy Men are submerging us into a dark environment. Minor guitar and synthesizer sounds and massive bass guitar, thrusting a rubble ice, are kings here; precise and grave vocals are building a wall, brick by brick, and behind that wall, you can see fog in the forest in the early morning, cold dump basements and grey concrete, the rain knocking on the window, the cold passenger compartment of a city bus, and sorrow about what was lost that filters through all of it.
In addition, the album includes the hard-hitting electronic version of "Could Not Sleep" created by Carlo Onda, and the great work of Oudeis industrial remix of the song "Dream".

The album was recorded in Kyiv, Ukraine, in Icy Men's studio in 2019.

Compact Disc in 4-panel Digipack
release: April 4, 2020

01. Полупустые автобусы (Uninhabited Buses)
02. Сон (Dream)
03. Капли дождя (Raindrops)
04. Не спалось text by Sviatoslav Filatov (Could Not Sleep)
05. Тусклый свет (Low light)
06. Капитан (The Captain)
07. В холодных глазах (In the Cold Eyes)
08. Будем вместе (We Shall Be Together)
09. Жизнь - сон (Life Is A Dream)
10. Через лес (Through The Forest)
11. Dream (Oudeis Remix)
12. Could Not Sleep (Carlo Onda Remix)

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