Bedless Bones is Kadri Sammel - singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and interdisciplinary artist from Tallinn, Estonia. With a background of a decade of singing in choirs; studies in cultural theory, audiovisual media and photography; her personal musical style has transformed into solo project Bedless Bones, which experiments with different noir genres; building bridges and bending borders between darkwave, murky EBM & techno beats and industrial sounds and abstract otherworldly atmosphere akin to IDM. Brought to life through songs that are charged with a multilayered melancholic sound, but also ignite dark dancefloors and evoke familiarity. In addition to that, Kadri is a member of Estonian avantgarde deathbeat / outdustrial band Forgotten Sunrise and the singer of up-and-coming UK/Estonian dystopian industrial band Deathsomnia. Another alias of Kadri is DJ Dirt Vessel: for the last few years she has been a crucial part of Beats From The Vault, an underground dark music event series in Estonia that has been going on since 1998. In her captivating sets lush with solemn atmospheres and a transcendental effect, she plays dark & industrial techno and EBM, but also darkwave and post-punk; and firmly paved her way as an important member of the scene.

2019 “Sublime Malaise” LP (Cold Transmission Music)
2020 "After Malaise" remix LP (Cold Transmission Music)
2021 "Bending The Iron Bough" (Cold Transmission Music)