About Cold Transmission

Founded in 2018, COLD TRANSMISSION is an international independent record label and music promotion service based near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

Our primary goal is to help dark underground music reach new and bigger audiences. We see ourselves as an independent platform that helps promote and support fresh, up-and-coming and interesting Post-Punk, Coldwave, Darkwave and Electronic bands and artists and show the diversity of our music scene around the globe - with zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination or racism. Our COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC record label has produced over 150 releases to date in various formats.

The close personal and trustful contact to our artists as well as to our fellow colleagues in the music industry is very important to us – our aim is to support each other in either way and grow together with our artists and the scene. We see our label as our 'CT Family' who we are committed to with our hearts and souls and who we share our passion and the joy in music with.

Before COLD TRANSMISSION also became a record label we started with releasing a digital compilation series named 'ZEITGEIST' next to our regular Mixcloud shows with the characteristic „COLD“ branding. Our Mixcloud channel has reached more than 5.600 followers to date. Our compilations are specifically designed to help dark underground music reach new and wider audiences and reflect the current Zeitgeist of Coldwave, Post Punk, Dark Electronic and more. Since 2017 Cold Transmission have successfully released over 180 Mixcloud shows and 17 'ZEITGEIST' compilations featuring hundreds of up-and-coming bands. 

We see ourselves as a platform to support the underground scene and to help make it grow through our record label, artist compilations, concerts, parties and events.

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Suzy (The Heart), Andreas (The Music) & Yvonne (The Look)