Dead Astronauts, based in the USA and prominent figures in the Synthwave and Synthpop scenes, intricately navigate the realms of Darkwave, Goth, and Post-Punk. Initially comprising Jared Kyle and Hayley Stewart, the dynamic shifted when Hayley departed to channel her energies into solo endeavors as Mecha Maiko, prompting the rebirth of Dead Astronauts. Florence Bullock assumed the female lead, stepping into Hayley's shoes in 2019, while Slade Templeton, a silent member and Record Producer renowned for his work with Crying Vessel and Influx Studios, collaborated to shape their new sonic landscape in 2019 and 2020.

The band, now expanded and refined, unveiled the LP "Silhouettes" and its counterpart "Silhouettes Redux." However, in 2023, Bullock faced challenges due to scheduling and health concerns, prompting Templeton to step into a more prominent role alongside Kyle in the band's evolution. This transformative phase led to the emergence of a renewed version of Dead Astronauts.

In anticipation of their forthcoming album "Ghosts," set to be released in early 2024, Dead Astronauts showcase a dynamic evolution in their musical style. The band is not merely creating an album; they are crafting a captivating narrative through their music. This evolution hints at a blend of their established sound with innovative elements, promising an immersive and compelling listening experience for fans eager to explore the evolving musical landscape of Dead Astronauts.