Cruel Reflections is a Indie Rock / Post-Punk duo based in the US. 

Cruel Reflections began in Los Angeles in 2017.  Their freshman album One Year quickly found a niche in post-punk and goth scenes worldwide, receiving positive feedback on indie platforms and through word of mouth.  The record was featured on mix tapes in Germany and reviewed as far away as Italy.  Locally the band grabbed the attention of radio DJs Frank, Heidi, and Frosty (95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles) who played the songs on their morning show "Stay or Go."  Listeners voted for the band to “Stay”.  Cruel Reflections was then nominated for “Best LA emerging artist” by Deli LA Magazine.

 Without losing momentum, Cruel Reflections released a three-track follow-up EP, Bonus Tracks, and began working on their second album, Through Motions, scheduled for release through Cold Transmission Music. They continue to play extensive shows in the greater-Los Angeles area, always pushing their unique sound into new territory.