Darkwave for the troubled youth... 🦇

Hailing from the shadows of Berlin but with roots in Buenos Aires, Deus Ex Lumina emerges as the captivating solo-project of Del Darkwave, a graduated music producer and former post-punk drummer. In 2020, He embraced Deus Ex Lumina as his primary solo venture, forging a path that resonates with the very essence of Darkwave.

Drawing inspiration from the pulsating beats of 80s EBM, Deus Ex Lumina weaves together a tapestry of haunting synths, deep vocals, and evocative melodies. It's a symphony that rekindles the essence of Darkwave, captivating the hearts of goth listeners who seek solace and catharsis on the dancefloor.
Deus Ex Lumina's enigmatic sound has earned them a dedicated following across the globe, with monthly features on renowned radio shows such as "Communion After Dark" and weekly appearances at goth parties that pulse with anticipation. Their music serves as a sonic sanctuary for those seeking an escape from the trials of the world.

Step into the realm of Deus Ex Lumina, where shadows and light converge, inviting you to embrace your pain, dance through the darkness, and find solace in the luminescence that only Darkwave can provide.