Grey Gallows is a dark wave group based in Greece. Their influences can be found in the broadest spectrum of 80s dark music. Thus, their lyrics deal with issues from inner struggle to the healing through dark emotions.

They released their first self-financed mini album "Beyond Reflections" in September 2017. One year later they released "Tears" by In club records on Tape.

Having spent almost a year producing their new material, Greek dark wave band Grey Gallows have joined forces with the German label Cold Transmission Music, in order to release their brand new third album under the title ‘’The garden of lies’’. This time Grey Gallows have collaborated with Nick (TheMute) Chalntoupis, sound designer and mastering engineer at SoundCave Studios, aiming to create a dark ‘80s and 90s sound, which represents their aesthetics on dark music in the best way. Special guest is Cleopatra Kaido, singer and frontwoman of the dark electro band Meat Injection, whose voice blends perfectly with colder tunes in one song. Finally, the lyrics of the album are dealing with the pain of human existence, as it can be seen through love, life and death. As Grey Gallows themselves say…’’ Grey is the color of life, for all things that die…’’ 

In spring 2023 they will release their new album "Strangers".

Grey Gallows are: Konstantin (vocals / keys) & Dionisis (guitar / bass / keys)