Before one can start to live, we need to let everything go. Find peace in the chaos of our daily lives and hope to create some order. MARY (Kuba Rygal) the solo act with help from friends, has spent the last decade exploring these concepts across the Canadian cities of Montreal, Vancouver and now Toronto. With inspiration from Post-punk, Darkwave and New wave, Kuba has always aimed to make the listener feel what he is feeling and see what he is seeing. A whisper of a feeling that is beyond name and form. 

His debut album "Die Before Death" was released in September 2020. MARY’s album seeks to detail the evolution of finding the true self, all filtered through a dusted and dark lens that allows fragments of light to shine. The Sisters Of Mercy-esque “Devouring Me” envelopes the listener with it’s chiming guitars, razor sharp synths and, ultimately, anthemic choruses. “Little mess” swirls in the same universe that spawned The Cure. A hymnal for those perpetually seeking something, anything out of this world they find themselves living in. The album namesake “Die Before Death” leans into its angular melodies and bubbling bass line, as well as the message that sometimes you need to let it all go to find, not only what you are looking for, but what you actually need.