Based in Lisbon / Portugal, NECRØ is the latest project from João Vairinhos, a musician with self-published work, but also usually associated with artists like Hélio Morais or Ricardo Remédio and bands like Wildnorthe or LÖBO. For NECRØ, Vairinhos recruited Sara Inglês, the idiosyncratic singer and keyboard player with whom he works in the aforementioned Wildnorthe.

The sound universe where NECRØ exists could be described as a marriage between a more gruesome Boy Harsher and a more exploratory Perturbator, but the fact is that the composing and voice skills presented here have at its core a personality that needs no metaphorical comparison exercise, however creative that may seem.

“Death Beats”, the debut EP from NECRØ, was released in February 2023. 

NECRØ is currently working towards a full album to be released on the German independent label COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC in 2024. They also started their intensive live performances in 2023 on various events & festivals in Portugal such as Amplifest and Monitor.