Mixing dark synths with post-punk influences, Silent Runners (Amsterdam, NL) made a name for themselves on stage with energetic shows that are both compelling and strangely hypnotizing.

Minimalist guitars, deep bass riffs and steady drum beats, going from an almost krautrock-like drive to all out bombastic. All topped with classic synths and a powerful voice, soaked in reverb. In 2017 Silent Runners released their critically acclaimed debut album "The Directory", which reached underground audiences all around the globe. The release was followed by a series of very well received shows on festivals such as Wave Gotik treffen, Grey Days and Wavefest. Shows that
cemented the band’s energetic live reputation in the underground post punk scene. 

After their 2019 re-release of The Directory (Remixes) on Cold Transmission Music, the band announced the production of a new album, set to release on the Germany based label in spring 2022. Silent Runners released their second studio album "Statues & Ornaments" on June 3rd 2022 on Cold Transmission Music. The following day, on Saturday June 4, the band performed a very well received release show at Haus Leipzig during Wave Gotik Treffen 2022, Leipzig.

"Statues & Ornaments" shows a shift in direction for Silent Runners. Featuring a heavier emphasis on post-punk influences and more drum driven songs, without compromising the iconic mix of synths, guitars and deep vocals the band became known for. The album title refers to the ideas and ideologies we as a society put on a pedestal. The same ones that also lead us to rising inequality, climate crisis and mass extinction. It speaks of our inability to explore hopeful new alternatives, while revering the nostalgic embrace of the old ways.

Silent Runners are:

Dolf Smolenaers | Vocals, lyrics
Jan Meulendijks | Bass
Joep Gerrits | Synths
Stanley op ‘t Root | Guitars, lyrics
Frank Smolenaers | Drums
Rob de la Rie | Front of House Tech