Far into the woods of Sweden, farther away than the eye can reach, you will find The Secret French Postcards - a project founded in 2016. Inspired by punk/post punk/new wave and the goth scene from the early 80’s. With their romantic, pale ’n dark melodies and sound, The Secret French Postcards released their third album "Colours" in December 2020 via Cold Transmission Music. 

Olli Ohlander (a.k.a. The Secret French Postcards) began writing and recording the songs for the "Out of you EP" and the "Colours" album already in 2018/2019. With dark moody melodies and the love for cheap guitar effects and some nostalgic influences the secret french postcards lead you through: love, sex and alcohol or basic midlife anxiety.  

Their latest album "Life Got Claws" was released in late 2022.