Sometimes, a path one chooses, crosses another path chosen by a like-minded person. Iamnoone from Italy was born at one of these crossroads.

The darkness, the abysses, the solitudes, but also the search for the Light and for the awareness allowed us to see each other and to speak the language we had in common: music. Through that, we explore the limits of the soul and the perks of being peculiar human beings: feeling no one for the rest of the world, but finding a common goal in losing each Ego in the embrace of Music. 

Cold wave, dark wave, occult wave could be genres that give an idea about Iamnoone music. Solid drum base with nostalgically retro sounding synths, the pound of the five strings bass with unobtrusive riffs of the bass VI, the vocals fading with the whole musical picture, and the piano adding its unique colours; everything is shrouded in the atmosphere of a dream, of a trip to the deep self, of a search for the inner light.

We believe only through being no one we can, at last, reach peace. 

I - the one entity we become through music

am - we feel, therefore we are

no one - nobody, but also no one in particular 

Maybe in everyone there is a no one.

Iamnoone is: Philippe Marlat and Stephan Seth